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New device for automated and standardized preparation of foam for sclerotherapy

Vascular Surgeons & Phlebologists extensively use foam sclerotherapy for the treatment of varicose veins. Tessari’s method is the most common procedure for foam preparation, but this technique has some limitations and weak points.

VARIXIO® overcomes the limitations of manual foam preparation substantially expanding the applicability of this effective treatment.


New device for insertion site enlargement during Seldinger procedures without requiring a scalpel

The Seldinger technique is the method used for central line intravenous access and for all the endovascular procedures. Frequently, the use of a scalpel is required to enlarge the puncture site, facilitating the introduction of a sheath or catheter.

Cutneedle® makes the separate enlargement step unnecessary, while adding safety, simplicity and precision to the procedure.

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